Research Experience:

  • Participated in Cognitive Psychology Research Team (2018-20)
  • Accepted Presentation at the Southwestern Psychological Association (SWPA) Conference (2020)
  • Presented Poster at Society for Judgment and Decision Making (SJDM) Conference in Montreal, Canada (2019)
  • Gave Formal Presentation at John Heinrichs Scholarly & Creativity Activities Day, Fort Hays State University (2019)

Other Skills:

  • Critical and abstract thinking
  • Analytical and formal academic writing
  • Leadership and teamwork skills
  • Organization and communication skills
  • Experience in literature reviews, database research, metadata, published writing, editing, and blogging (via WordPress)
  • Strong knowledge of APA & MLA format styles
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, & Excel, as well as Google Docs, Slides, & Sheets
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